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Extended warranties are those policies that protect and cover you from paying for any kind of repair, maintenance or replacement if something goes wrong with your appliances in future. It is like buying insurance for your appliances for a certain period of time. In case of any kind of physical or technical damage during the period covered or insured under this warranty the manufacturer will be liable to the appliance repair Boca Raton without any extra or further charges. If the appliance or the product undergoes severe physical damage, like the product somehow breaks into pieces then the manufacturer warranty will expire and the extended warranty will take over.

Is Appliance Warranty important?

In the present world, most of the households are dependent on appliances starting from a refrigerator, washing machine to a simple iron that presses their clothes. Even if any one of these appliances goes kaput or breaks down, hell breaks down on the household. The entire rhythm of daily life and practices goes haywire.  And this is the part where one has to face a lot of issues related to the maintenance and repair of the appliances. So it is a good idea to keep these appliances covered under an extended warranty.  This reduces the chances of losing money due to appliance repair and other anticipatory or hidden costs that might be charged by the mechanics later if not covered under the warranty.  Though most of the home appliances tend to have a long life-line, still many people want to keep these products safe.  The cost of purchasing an extended warranty varies from store to store. Sometimes it ranges between 10-25% of the market price of the product and in some cases it might also be100% of the market price of that appliance or product.